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  • Backorder eta 7-10 working days .

Exchange & Refund 退换流程

亲爱的客户们 ,请恕本店无法提供任何无理由更换/退货服务 ~


  • 照片都是经过美颜/滤镜处理 不排除有少许色差情况 本店不接受以色差为更换/退款为理由。 
  • Color of products may varies due to lighting used compared to actual products. It may appear darker or lighter. We will Exchanges or Refund due to this reason will not be entertain.

  • 请确保付款前再三确认并检查好尺寸,一旦付款成功本店将无法提供更换尺寸服务。由于每一件服饰都经人手测量 1-3cm 误差属常见情况 因此无法以此情况提供任何更换/退款。 
  • Please make sure size that you order is correct before the payment as we can't provide size exchange once your payment is done . There might be 1cm-3cm differences in the measurements given due to the different stretchable quality of the material. Exchanges or Refund due to this reason will not be entertain.

  • 请恕任何打折或使用优惠卷商品将无法提供更换或退货服务。
  • Please take note that all discount code / promotion items are non-returnable & non-exchange . 

  • 不接受以个人不喜欢/衣服穿的不合适或不好看/色差/可清理的污迹为退换理由。
  • Reason such as (Do not like the item / item does not fit or suit /color differ / quality or real product not up to expectation will not be entertain for Exchanges or Refund .

  • 如果收到不合适的尺寸想更换可以吗?可以的,但是只能在还有库存的情况下才能更换不合适的尺寸 如果此商品尺码已下架我们将无法提供您更换服务 。另外,更换尺寸还需要您自付双方运费。
  • Can return for an exchange if size received does not fit ? Yes you can , but only if the stock is available and buyer need to pay for both return and exchange shipping cost . Please receive our sincerely apologies if the item is out of stock as we can't offer you an exchange .

T&C of Return 退换条规:  

  1. 所有退换商品必须符合衣服原有情况(不被清洗过/不被穿过/不被更改过/商标和包装必须保持原状)All Item(s) must be returned in original condition(unaltered, unworn, unwashed and with tags intact)
  2. 打折商品,配件包括腰带/内搭等等被标签不可退换商品将不符合退换条规。Not applicable for Sale items, accessories and specifically stated non-returnable / non-exchange items.
  3. 使用优惠卷购买的商品不列为入为可退换商品。Orders placed using discount codes are not applicable for exchange and returns.
  4. 所有需要退换的商品在收到货后的7天内必须邮寄回来 逾期不理。All items must be shipped back to us within 7 working days upon item received.
  5. 在我方收到包裹前,买家需对该退还的商品负全责。Buyers hold full responsibility until the parcel reach us.  
  6. 为了减低包裹不见的情况,我们建议您提供单号让我们追踪包裹下落。We recommend using courier services with tracking numbers so as to minimize the risk of loss parcel.
  7. 请给我们5个工作日处理您的更换请求。All return/exchange request will be processed within 5 working days upon receipt of returned items. 
  8. 所有没有依照“退换格式”发电邮的请求将不被我方接受退换。Return won't be accept if we do not receive RETURN FORM's from via email .
  9. 在更换流程中只能以回馈金方式兑现,不允许现金退还。For Return & Exchange ,we only refund in credit term. No cash refund(s) are allowed.  
  10. 对于所有不符合上述条件的物品退回,我们将保留拒绝的权力。We reserve the right to reject any returned item if it doesn't meet all mentioned conditions.
  11. 所有不符合上述退换条件将被严格拒绝并被没收。All returns which do not meet the above-mentioned criterias will be strictly declined and forfeited.
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